12th Week: GUI development

GUI development was this week focus and is still ongoing work. I have been struggling mainly with two aspects:

  • Integrating the calibration package in the GUI;
  • Using ROS tools with the GUI – launching nodes, killing nodes and Rviz visualization.

Below you can find some print screens of the GUI.

Currently, the user can pick which sensors he wants to use from the list of supported sensors, insert their IP address and launch the selected sensors, clicking on “Start Nodes”.

“Stop Nodes” is meant to kill the previously launched nodes, this is not implemented and I am not sure if it’s possible, since when Qt launches external processes there is no way of knowing if that process has detached children. This is a problem because when Qt launches nodes it calls roslaunch (parent process), which then starts the nodes as children processes, so killing the process launched by Qt kills roslaunch and not the actual nodes.

The “Calibrate” button is meant to start the calibration process, and is work in progress.

“Add” and “Remove” buttons add and remove sensors from the list above.

As you can see the Rviz display is also embedded in the GUI so the user can visualize data from the sensors.


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